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A distinguished Change Management Executive and Trusted Advisor, influenced by a remarkable career in information systems and organizational change, delivering wisdom, integrity, and value. Recognized as a principled leader in operational and organizational discovery, focused on Objectives and Key Results (OKR), including Key Performance Indicators (KPI), resulting in high rates of change adoption, sustainable utilization and a robust return on investment (ROI). Known for creation and connection of transformative outcomes that drive organizational agility and operational excellence, I drive Strategy, Quality, Efficiency, and Innovation impacting Individuals, Organizations, Cultures, and Systems.

  • Established in information systems, services, projects, and portfolios,

  • Advancing strategic business operations, analytics, and advisory,

  • Achieving and connecting transformative outcomes,

  • Recognized for operational excellence and organizational agility.

Recognized for analysis and resolution of complex business problems, Chris is a voice of reason and compassion in the face of change with a passion for leaving a legacy of value. Chris helps people and organizations overcome their challenges and realize their full potential. Change, of any kind,, must be from the inside out, one life at a time...


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