·        Established in 1981 as a privately held L.L.C., providing for broader employment options and flexibility.

         (Arizona L.L.C.1981)


·        In 1995, grew into a service organization in 1995 focused on technical services, changing its name to Help Desk Trends and Technologies.

         (Colorado L.L.C. 1995)


·        In 1999, expanded services to include Public Health Informatics, changing its name to Capital Workmanship.

         (Arizona L.L.C. 1999)


·        In 2008, added Change Management and Operations to Public Health Informatics offerings.

         (Georgia L.L.C 2008)


·        In, 2013, added Organizational Change Management to its portfolio of offerings.

         (Georgia L.L.C. 2008)


·        In 2020, Reorganized as CWSymons L.L.C. returning to focus on employment options and flexibility.
         Organizations – Informatics - Operations.

         (Georgia L.L.C. 2020)